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**NEW 2nd Generation: The Tone Device Breath Ketone Analyzer


Introducing the Tone Device by Ketogenic Girl. NOW SHIPPING!

Are You Burning Fat? The age old question can now be answered with the SECOND GENERATION TONE device, a BRAND NEW release of the original wellness device designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals! The Tone is a breath acetone meter that can measure the level of fat burning your body is doing! 

Easy, Portable, Unlimited Testing!

Achieve your health and fitness goals with effortless ease using the feedback from the Tone Device. You can take it with you on the go - it is lightweight, portable and has a long lasting battery!

Get Instant Feedback On Your Breath Acetone Levels and Fat Burning

The TONE lets you know if you have any acetone on your breath, which is a ketone detected on your breath. Research has shown that acetone is a biomarker for fat burning. It also displays a number indicating the amount of acetone so that you may track your progress! 

Do you need to follow a keto diet to use the Tone? It is recommended to follow a low carb diet or a dietary strategy that induces ketones from fat burning such as low carb with a caloric deficit or intermittent fasting. In general it is best to use the Tone only test with the Tone once per day, first thing in the morning before food or drink. See the FULL answer on the Frequently Asked Questions about the Tone.

Order the NEW mouthpiece accessories HERE.

Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals with Effortless Ease Using the Tone Device.

NB: The TONE is a wellness device to measure breath acetone levels. This is not a medical device and cannot be used to monitor states of ketogenesis for therapeutic protocols such as managing epilepsy or other conditions; as such it is not approved by nor regulated by the FDA. If you require ketone monitoring using a therapeutic ketogenic diet it is recommended to use blood ketone testing or a clinical grade breath ketone monitor with doctor supervision

This device is only for adult use and not by children or minors. As such it has not been certified for use by children or minors and such use is prohibited.

See full terms and conditions regarding refunds & exchanges prior to purchasing.

*Please note if you are ordering from outside the US, your country may or may not charge customs duties. Customs duties are outside of our control. We may not be able to ship to your country due to shipping restrictions.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

The TONE device is eligible for return within 14 days of purchase if and only if it is still sealed in the original packaging. Once the plastic seal is broken or opened it is no longer eligible for return due to hygienic reasons. If you would like to return it sealed in original packaging, please contact us using the contact form with the subject line “Sealed Return” and your order number for assistance.

If the device is defective for any reason excluding damage from personal use, please contact us using the contact form with the subject line “Defective Device” and we will gladly assist you with troubleshooting. If the device is defective due to manufacturing error, we will issue you a return form to ship the device back to us. We will then examine and test the device for malfunction to determine the error and repair it for you if it is able to be repaired. It cannot be exchanged for any other reason due to the aforementioned hygiene reasons. This policy for exchanges excludes any malfunction from personal wear and tear or negligence, or not following the manual directions and precautions for use. Shipping is non-refundable and is not included for returns, unless the device is assessed to be malfunctioning and is repaired, in which case we will issue a refund for the shipping.

Air Travel Safety

Always consult the safety requirements of your airline before travelling with the Tone. The Tone contains rechargeable lithium ion battery. Most airlines allow personal electronic devices in the cabin only. The device must be turned off and not used during the flight. It must be carried in a travel case that prevents it from accidentally turning on during travel. See more requirements here on the FAA website:

“You can carry your device on a plane. Keep it in the cabin, but no use allowed! Learn more from FAA on how to safely pack your for air travel. #PackSafe www.faa.gov/go/packsafe”

For More Questions, 

See the Frequently Asked Questions about the Tone.

The information and products provided on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease our products should not be misconstrued as medical devices. We make no therapeutic claims. These products are low-risk, general wellness products that do not require FDA clearance, in accordance with the “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” draft released January 20, 2015. Our Products are are intended for personal use and are not intended for commercial use.

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