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The Higher Protein Keto Meal Plans (Phase 2 Plans)


Want to try a higher protein keto carnivore approach? These can be used to start or after having having completed one round of the 28 Day Challenge so that you are adapted to burning fat for fuel instead of sugar (fat adapted). Also great if you have already been doing keto for a while. 

Want to burn more fat while building muscle tone and stronger bones?

These plans are designed for accelerate fat loss as well as breaking through weight-loss stalls by combining all of these science back fat burning strategies.

It feels so good to break out of a stall and see progress towards your goals! The body burns fat when it is in a low glycogen (stored glucose), and low insulin state. There are some great strategies to combine with your keto or low carb diet that effectively help the body deplete glycogen (stored glucose) so that the body can get into the fat burning state more quickly:

  • Prioritized Protein Intake with Managed Energy Intake from Fat & Carbs 
  • Some Daily Intermittent Fasting (optional)
  • Time Restricted Eating Within a daily Eating Window 

Ideal to use either with or without having completed one round of the 28 Day Challenge so that you are fat adapted. They can also be used on their own without first completing the challenge if carbohydrates are gradually reduced using the guidelines in the free ebook here: https://www.ketogenicgirl.com/pages/free-ebook

Digital Version Only. Click Here for Printed Book Option

The plans contain over 100 new recipes as well as the original plan recipes re-mastered to optimize body composition, burn fat and add muscle.

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