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Ketogenic Girl Challenge Testimonials

We receive constant reviews and testimonials  from people who have been on the Ketogenic Girl 28 Day Challenge and meal plan programs! The power of keto is truly remarkable when it is properly done and we are privileged to get to work with all of the wonderful people that we do on their health goals! We share several reviews per week on our media feeds but also have aggregated many of them here:



"Thanks Vanessa, your plan has truly helped me reach my goals and I am truly grateful! I wanted to post some pictures from my initial challenge. My weight loss has gone from my heaviest at 181 last March to 151 in December. Now, I am sitting at 155 pretty comfortably. My body has truly transformed. Not only have I lost fat I have gained muscle. I am continuing to make PR's in the gym. Increasing my deadlift, squat and bench. I still have work to do and goals that I would like to meet. But this my friends is what eating fat and lifting big looks like, hardly bulky IMO. Oh and my brothers even call me skinny! ?Have a great day and keto on!" -Emily Ford























"I can't wait for the summer. I have never wore a bikini before!" - Diamond Torres


"It's been a fantastic experience !!!!! Thank you Vanessa!! Tomorrow is always a new day. To be different. To be a better version of yourself....It's just amazing what a handful of those kind of days strung together .. can achieve." - Jen Cunningham


"I have been following the advice of @ketogenicgirl and here we go I lost well over 60 pounds in 3 months I got rid of my diabetes, and got rid of my high blood pressure and cholesterol.. I like the new me lol. Things can completely change for us no matter what health condition we are currently in. I am 37 and I've been getting asked for my ID at the liquor store now!"


"I love this program! I am so grateful for you and so happy to finally find a suitable program that is easy to follow and actually works!!!!"- Niki



"Thank you it's been so great!! So easy to do!!!!! I have a lot of friends who want to try. They can't believe how fast it came off and how noticeable it is!!" - Jennifer Cosgrove


 ""This is a rare photo- I hid from cameras as I was so uncomfortable in my body and covered myself in sweaters and scarves. I hit my highest weight at 168 which is higher for me and for my frame and height. I couldn't believe the numbers I was seeing. It was a wake up call and I knew it was time to get in shape and lose the extra weight. I started getting healthier and working out and started on my journey. I had so many health issues with digestion and seeing doctors to figure out what was going on. I was in the hospital for 2 days from digestive stall and that is when I decided enough was enough. I had heard about keto and saw my friend Vanessa thriving on it and getting in incredible shape while enjoying her food more than ever before. I joined her 28 day Keto Challenge group in the spring. When Vanessa introduced me to keto I started in small steps and saw great results but was just leaning into it - then I recently went full on no carbs, no booze, and my slight taste for sugar completely evaporated. It took things up to the stratosphere. I have never found anything anything that is so easy to maintain on the go, as I travel for work a lot and have to entertain. I have never felt so good in my body, more in shape and toned, lean and fit and my body has found its ideal weight in a range of 125-135. I have never felt so body confident and happy in my skin! I have the most energy possible and get to do Pilates which I love doing. I love keto and living sugar free and this is my new way of life!"









































"If anyone has doubts about your program working or they're on the fence about purchasing send me a message. I contacted Vanessa a zillion times periodically on her ketogenicgirl fb page for month's. I finally decided now or never because I'd wasted money before. However this was money well spent and the best investment into myself. Amazing meals and phenomenal support. I'm so excited for this journey, come join us! KETO on!!" - LaNeika Racquel