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Reverse Keto Diet Meal Plan



This is an instant digital download when it is available. Order it WITH the printed book here: https://www.ketogenicgirl.com/products/new-reverse-keto-diet-meal-plan-ketogenicgirl-challenge-printed-book-included

WEIGHT LOSS STALLED? Feeling stuck eating low calories or restricting and not seeing results? I am REALLY, REALLY excited to be working on this NEW program designed for WOMEN based on my research & scientific studies on reverse dieting to boost metabolic rate up high, eat more food, and get leaner while maintaining optimal hormone function! It is a long term plan for lifelong sustainability 😊. Having a long term perspective takes the pressure off and leads to lower cortisol and easier, better results!

A reverse diet is a great way to restore and recover your metabolic rate if you have been dieting for a long time and your metabolism is now at the place where you are eating a small amount of food, but also no longer losing weight and stalled out. Metabolic rate adapts to lowered calories and increased exercise, which causes stalling. One way to break out of this is to gradually boost the metabolism with calories and resistance exercise.

I have been studying so many physique competitors and reading books about reverse dieting and how it is applied. There is a lot of info online about reverse dieting, which has been used by bodybuilders and physique competitors; however, most of it is approached with a high carb protocol. I want to help guide YOU with this program doing it with keto, which comes with my ongoing support and coaching.

This program is designed to maintain ketogenesis while ramping up the metabolic rate with the diet and adding in resistance exercise. It is much longer than the standard 28 day program as it has several weeks of reverse dieting followed by a cutting phase to get lean following the reverse diet at a much higher metabolic rate & calorie intake.

I hope to have them out by the holidays so they will be a great way to kick off 2021 and get your metabolic rate recovered, and get lean with more muscle! I really love working on these new plans and I am excited to share more on how they work to restore metabolic rate and maintain optimal health 💗🤸🏼‍♂️😊woot! 

Each meal plan contains:

      • Weeks of Reverse Dieting

      • Full Guide to Testing for Ketosis

      • Weekly Overview of All Meals

      • Weekly Shopping Lists

      • All Macros Calculated For you (no need to track!) with Daily Macronutrient Summaries 

      • All Recipes Tested for High Ketones & Low Blood Sugar

      • Easy Recipes with Simple Ingredients

      • NEW! Printable Recipe Index

      • NEW! Easy Quick Start Guide
      • NEW! Full Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ)

      • Tons of Brand New Unpublished Recipes!

      • NEW! Membership in the 28 Day KetogenicGirl Diet Challenge Facebook Group for Support & Community

How it works:

  • Purchase & Download the Plan (It will be emailed to you when released, and shipped as well)
  • Following your confirmed purchase, join the Facebook Group for Support & Fun Keto Community
  • Share posts in the group, progress or meal photos. Tag #ketogenicgirlchallenge, @KetogenicGirl or #KetogenicGirl to share on Instagram!

Please note any orders placed on Fridays after 2 PM PST will be shipped first thing on the following Monday.

Please refer to all disclaimers in the terms of purchase. This meal plan has not been prepared by a certified nutritionist, nor is this the website of a certified nutritionist and is solely one suggested way of following a ketogenic approach and may need to be modified or adapted with your nutritionist or physician to meet your individual requirements. Before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen you must consult your care provider. 

(Please note: As this is a digital product and will be instantly downloaded when purchased, all digital downloads are not eligible for refunds or returns. The printed book version only is eligible for return and refund (up to $30) within 14 days of purchase if returned unopened in original packaging.)

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